Thursday, November 01, 2018

Thoughts on Technology Companies and Linux Operating Systems

It has been months since I’ve post my blog here... Apple released MacOS 10.14 Mojave. I upgraded my MacBook Pro 9.1 (Mid-2011) laptop to MacOS 10.14 Mojave. Mojave started to slow down on my Mac. Since I cannot afford a new laptop I’ve decided to move on to Linux. I’ve chosen Fedora 29 KDE operating system as stand-alone on my MacBook Pro. Which mean my laptop has no long have MacOS operating system on it. I completely erased the hard drive and install Fedora 29 KDE.

As I checked out Fedora Project, and Project Magazine I found out that IBM is buying Red Hat. I was like “Oh. How would that effect Fedora?” I love Red Hat and Fedora that I must use RPM-Based Linuxes.

I did tried Ubuntu which is Debian-based with modification to simplicity Ubuntu. I like Ubuntu and use it lot. But My feeling of attachment to RPM-Based which what Fedora is. I do like OpenSuse and that what I would use but my MacBook Pro 9.1 (Mid-2011) refused to accept OpenSuse. I also tried Fedora Workstation which use Gnome as default but my MacBook Pro 91. (Mid-2011) refused to accept accept Workstation either. I only can use Fedora Spans.

I tried Fedora LXDE but it has buggy that the “Copy  & Paste” isn’t working really well. So I choose Fedora KDE. So far, so good.

I also like Fedora Cinnamon. But I choose Fedora KDE. I guess it is because I can customize my desktop. Sure Cinnamon can be customize the desktop, but KDE seem to has more offer to customize like set desktop icons to the right side of the screen like MacOS’ icon set on right than the usual icon on left side of the screen like Windows’ Desktop Icon set to the left side of the screen.

Now, let’s talk about my thoughts on IBM buying Red Hat and how it would effect Fedora?

I use Fedora for my personal daily use like social media, browsing the Internet, and playing games.

Historically, any companies that buy another companies that I really loves tend to be ended,  shutdown fast, changing or alternative stuff that I love.

What if IBM decided that Fedora are going to shut down and only focus to Red Hat Enterprise Linux? Sure I could use Red Hat Enterprise Linux, right? Wrong. This operating system is design for business that uses server. And, you have to pay subscription. Since I don’t use server, there is no need for me to use and pay subscription to Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

I really love Fedora and RPM-based and I can’t use OpenSuse as MacBook Pro 9.1 (Mid-2011) refused to accept this. If Fedora is gone. There is no another RPM-based Linuxes that design for home users like me….

I might really have to save money HARD to get a new laptop to be able to run OpenSuse.

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