Thursday, August 16, 2018

This Or That Challenge!

This Or That Challenge 

I was reading blogs on WordPress Reader, and I found two links. First I read at Uncustomary Housewife that referred to the original post at Man Vs Adulthood.

I’d like to get a challenge of This or That! :)

Shower In The Morning Or The Evening

In the morning! I like to clean everything on my body out before start a day!

City Centre Or Close To Nature

I am more of the City Center! I love nature, but I like a lot of activities and stuff to do in the city.

Bright Colours Or Neutrals

Umm… I’d go for Neutrals. I don’t like bright colors at all.

Spring Or Autumn

Spring. I love the smell of freshly grown of young plants. :)

Mint Or Cinnamon

Mint! I love them.

Planned Or Spontaneous

Planned. I am so OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)! So… Planned!

A Movie At Home Or At The Cinema

Home. Since I am deaf and it’s hard to find captions at cinema or theater. Home is the best choice for me.

Espresso Or Latte

Latte for coffee!

Hugs Or Kisses

Hugs. The feeling of somebody’s lip against my lip made me… awkward.

Spicy Food Or Mild

Umm…. Just mild. Mild will do.

Leather Or Lace

Eh? Umm… Leather???

Overdressed Or Underdressed

Overdressed. Look nice. Underdressed look…. Hippy.

Adventure Or Comfort

Adventure! :)

T.V Series Or Movies

T.V. Series. Sure I do like movies, but TV series tend to last longer. :)

Rock Or Country Music

Ahh. I am deaf and I no longer have hearing aids. But if I have hearing aids, I’ll choose ROCK!

Red Or White Wine

Umm… I don’t drink those much. But… Red Wine?

Working Alone Or In A Team

Working alone. I like everything MY WAY!

Swimming Or Sunbathing

This one difficulty to choose. Sunbathing… Since I am terrible at swimming.

Fast Food Or Sit Down Restaurant

Sit down at the restaurant.

Matched Or Mismatched Socks

Matched socks as I mentioned above: OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

Dancing Or Singing

Dancing because I am deaf. Singing is impossible for me.

Phone Or The Internet

Internet. A lot of stuff to read and learn! :)

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