Tuesday, August 14, 2018

My Kidney Health Issues

Well. I tried to find something to blog about. What the hell. I'm going to discuss my kidney health issues. I have my own two kidneys failures. The first kidney failure was at birth. This happens before I born. The second kidney was working fine. At the age of 7, the doctor noticed that my second kidney shape look strange. But wasn't sure if it would work all of my life. At the age of 28, the second kidney failed. I had a kidney transplant in 2008. I had my transplant kidney working for 10 years. Until February 2018, it failed again. For a transplanted kidney, the 10 years of working is not bad. Not seriously has as very short-lived transplant kidneys.

I am getting kidney dialysis three times a week. I must have an appointment several times for my kidney evaluation.

I do have live kidney donor, but the donor does not yet test. I do not know when the donor will go through the test before donor this person's kidney to me. Hopefully soon, not too long.

Recently, they also discovered I have another health issue. I have a reflex. A pancreas issue. They already tested by the scope and taking pictures in my pancreas. They called us about it. They told me that they haven't decided whatever watching for my pancreas or will have surgery for it.

I don't know when they will contact us for more information and what is their plans are...

I might keep you update when I can.

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