Friday, July 20, 2018

Thoughts on Microchip Implant

The microchip implant has good and bad in it. Microchip implant also used with both human and pets.

Microchip implant used for identity and information about lost or missing humans and pets. It also has health records in case you pass out or fall into a coma.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a GPS (Global Positioning System) equipped microchip implant. As GPS require a form of power such as a battery which is not possible. A microchip implant won't tell you where your pet is, but when the pet is lost and someone found your pet they can scan the microchip implant to identity about the pet and to find the owner and contact you about the pet that they found.

Some of the pet owners already have microchip implant in their dogs and cats in case they went missing or lost. Because without the microchip implant, the pet owners usually never get their pets back and never seen again. I'd love to have microchip implants in my pets, but it very expensive to have veterinarians to put microchip implant in the pet's body.

Microchip implant can be used for bad reasons. It can take away your freedom and privacy. Someone could spy on you with a microchip implant.
In the future, a communist government could use a microchip implant for tracking humans, and their every movement. They could pass a law requiring you to have a microchip implant in your body. If you don't, it would be a death penalty.

I like the idea of a microchip implant for very good reasons. It records a person health, and her or his identity. I would want a microchip implant in my body because I have so many health issues. If I passed out and fall into a coma, they can scan my microchip implant to find my identity and my health records. Maybe contact my family if I am alone out there in the public.

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