Thursday, July 19, 2018

7 Things I Learned As Kid

7 Things I Learned As Kid

1. The World Is Cruel
When I was very little boy everybody being nice to me. By age of 15 or 16, I start to notice that people starting to being mean to me.

2. Things Are Not What You Expect It To Be
I thought I was going to get marry and have kids, having my own family. I am 39 and single and fatherless. No family. No kids.

3. People Are Not Always Nice
When I was a very little boy, people are always being nice. As I get older, people getting meaner and meaner, and meaner to the point where people being mean to me.

4. It is Very Difficult To Reach Your Goal
Some thing I am not good at like math. Some skills also require good math which I am bad at.

5. Some People Will Try To Bring You Down Or Make You Look Bad
There are some people who are jealous because everyone likes me.

6. Life Is Always A Race. People Always Trying To Reach To Top Of Line
People always go against people in order to be at the top of the line.

7. History Is Not Always True
I study history more than before and notice some history are not true. Some history lies, misunderstanding, mislead.

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