Tuesday, August 28, 2018


Today I read this post and YouTube video. Everything in our lives, we try to be happy, but we can't get it. The life is very hard to live. Life is tough and rough. Depend where you are, and who you are. Check it out:

Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Dark Side about Modern Technology

I have been read both articles at The Downside of Social Media and Mom Speaks Out After Girl, 12, Sets Herself on Fire While Attempting Viral ‘Fire Challenge'.

I am a Generation X (Early to Mid 1960s to Early 1980s). Which mean I was born in 1979. There is no Internet until 1994. But I haven’t gotten my hands on the Internet until 1998. I haven’t got a smartphone (Internet supported) until 2011. As for basic smartphone (No Internet supported), I had it in about 2005 but my parents couldn’t afford it. So I lost my basic smartphone.

So I am glad that the world wasn't a bad influence on me… Yet. When I was a teenager and a child, only locally bad influence was upon me. By locally I mean the people around me and in my life.

In 2000 as I explored the internet, I was shocked by the unknown in the world. “People do this?” and “People do that?” and all stupid stuff in the world. I’ve learned how people can be. There is something I didn’t realize what could happen to the people in the world could happen to me, too.

I was about 35 or 36. I like to watch prank and stupid videos. I am now tired of that type of videos so I don’t watch them anymore. One thing I want to do this to myself. Oh hey! I am an adult! (And don’t try this at home! SERIOUSLY).

I put the salt on my palm hand and put the ice cube on my hand for a few seconds to see how long I can suffer. But I stopped when it getting worse. No, it DOESN’T sticks to my skin! And I am 99% safe. The only 1% safe is I got itchy palm hand for a few days. It’s was annoying.

But it CAN burn your skin and end up in an emergency room at the hospital. DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME! SERIOUSLY!

I don’t do any stupid stuff much. The only stupid I did was the ice cube with the salt on my palm hand.

Bullying. This only happened to me at school because of course there are no social media back then.

But the kids today have too much of bullying online and trolling to them. Check out the link I put below:



Sunday, August 19, 2018

Through The Hard Times

I read a post at Preparing for hard times. I agree. The life is like a school. There are things we must learn to handle. There is no way to be 100% happy 24/7 this is impossible. We have a lot of negative and positive effect in our daily lives whatever we like it or not.


There are a lot of dark times we went through our lives. When people being mean to me, my mood switched to angry or sad, depending on the situations.


Sometimes we don’t always get what we want and we must accept the fact that we didn’t get what we want. Sometimes there are video games that I want but it end up either sold out or they don’t sell them anymore. When that happen, my mood can be switched to disappoint, sad, or upset.


As for living. I hate trailer homes. They are an ugly and cheap design that are easily breakable. Too small space in the trailer homes. I really want to live normal to bigger houses but we can’t because of our money and our incomes. Since I am stuck with what we have. With that, my mood usually unhappy, and frustrated.


I couldn’t find any jobs which make me feeling frustrated.


The main point is that we have to be accept with what we have, where we are, and who we are. We can’t change anything. We are stuck with what present to us.


Second point: Deal with it.

Second part B point: Handle with it.

Saturday, August 18, 2018


Hopeful… What am I hoping for? Well, I hope I’ll make it through my health issues (kidney, diabetes, and blood pressures). I’ll be able to find a job that willing to hire me. Be able to buy a nice house for myself so I can live on my own. Find me a wife. A family? Not sure. I don’t like kids. I don’t know if I want my own kids or not.

Hopeful for the world. I hope there will be world peace soon. Middle East stop the war for once. The 46th US president will be 100x better than Donald Trump. No more sexism, no more racists, and no more rapes. North Korea finally stop making bombs and change to normal government. A good government for North Korea. Africa becomes peace with much better government.

That’s about it.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

This Or That Challenge!

This Or That Challenge 

I was reading blogs on WordPress Reader, and I found two links. First I read at Uncustomary Housewife that referred to the original post at Man Vs Adulthood.

I’d like to get a challenge of This or That! :)

Shower In The Morning Or The Evening

In the morning! I like to clean everything on my body out before start a day!

City Centre Or Close To Nature

I am more of the City Center! I love nature, but I like a lot of activities and stuff to do in the city.

Bright Colours Or Neutrals

Umm… I’d go for Neutrals. I don’t like bright colors at all.

Spring Or Autumn

Spring. I love the smell of freshly grown of young plants. :)

Mint Or Cinnamon

Mint! I love them.

Planned Or Spontaneous

Planned. I am so OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)! So… Planned!

A Movie At Home Or At The Cinema

Home. Since I am deaf and it’s hard to find captions at cinema or theater. Home is the best choice for me.

Espresso Or Latte

Latte for coffee!

Hugs Or Kisses

Hugs. The feeling of somebody’s lip against my lip made me… awkward.

Spicy Food Or Mild

Umm…. Just mild. Mild will do.

Leather Or Lace

Eh? Umm… Leather???

Overdressed Or Underdressed

Overdressed. Look nice. Underdressed look…. Hippy.

Adventure Or Comfort

Adventure! :)

T.V Series Or Movies

T.V. Series. Sure I do like movies, but TV series tend to last longer. :)

Rock Or Country Music

Ahh. I am deaf and I no longer have hearing aids. But if I have hearing aids, I’ll choose ROCK!

Red Or White Wine

Umm… I don’t drink those much. But… Red Wine?

Working Alone Or In A Team

Working alone. I like everything MY WAY!

Swimming Or Sunbathing

This one difficulty to choose. Sunbathing… Since I am terrible at swimming.

Fast Food Or Sit Down Restaurant

Sit down at the restaurant.

Matched Or Mismatched Socks

Matched socks as I mentioned above: OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

Dancing Or Singing

Dancing because I am deaf. Singing is impossible for me.

Phone Or The Internet

Internet. A lot of stuff to read and learn! :)